Alexis Sanchez is a summer target of Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus

According to transfer rumors, Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez is turning into a priority summer target of Paris Saint-Germain as well as Juventus.

Both European clubs have the budget to sign a top player such as: Alexis Sanchez but it seems hard to believe that Arsene Wenger would be even interested in offloading one of his key players.

Alexis Sanchez has so far been featured in every single match of the season for Arsenal. The Chilean player has made 25 appearances and scored 17 goals which shows how much of an impact and role he plays in the Premier League club.

Why would Arsene Wenger want to offload such a key player in his team?

The French manager has indeed offloaded some of his more influential players in the past which were the most recent cases of: Van Persie and Fabregas.

Masimiliano Allegri is believed to be interested in forming a 3 pronged attack with Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala and the potential arrival of Alexis Sanchez. If the right offer is made then it’s certainly possible to see that offensive combination being made but Juventus will have to make a good enough offer in order to entice Arsene Wenger in offloading one of his players as well as lure away Paris Saint-Germain as they are also rumored to be interested in signing Sanchez during the summer transfer window.

Sanchez is entering the final 18 months of his contract with Arsenal and there is also uncertainty starting to emerge around the future of Arsene Wenger as the contract of the French manager expires in the summer and no talks have really been made in relation to whether or not he will continue in charge of the Premier League club after yet another season where they failed to win the top tier English League as Chelsea have a significant lead over everyone else.