Juventus Tugs At Isco Transfer

The Isco transfer battle has begun between Manchester City and Real Madrid.

They are looking at the Spanish player and how best to capture his talents. The Blues had decided to sign him on in 2013. The ex Malaga player of fame was then snapped up by Bernabeu giants. However, Isco now plays for Zinedine Zidane’s team. As Man City missed out on signing him on they are trying the move again. The battle is now between Man City and Juventus. Real Madrid is ready to sell off their midfielder with versatile skills and others are wooing him to get his talents on their side.

The other changes that are taking place are James Rodriguez is gearing up for joining the Spain team after exiting Bernabeu. He is a Columbian midfielder and will possibly replace Isco. Zinedine Zidane is known for his temper and he is certainly not happy with losing Isco. However, Isco will not have any fewer suitors awaiting him. Italian champion team Juve want him badly. This Premier League club has already been in contact with Isco.

There are other changes set to take place as well. Pep Guardiola will replace Man City’s current manager Manuel Pellegrini. On the other hand, Isco was considered a key man in Zidane’s team. His style as well as potential is close to Zidane as well. However, Juventus is now eyeing him and his uncertain attitude has shocked Zidane. Teams are definitely sprucing up the talent pool on their sides and it is no wonder that Juventus is putting in similar efforts as well. However, for those who have nurtured Isco’s skills might find it hard to see him putting convenience in place of loyalty. It would definitely work out great for Juventus if the transfer comes through.