Massimiliano Allegri decided to extend his Career

After being by sacked Ac.Milan in January of 2014, Massimiliano Allegri decided to extend his career in Serie A by taking charge of Juventus as he replaced Antonio Conte. So far, things have been going superb for Allegri as his club is located at the top of Serie A with more than 6 points of advantage over their nearest rivals As.Roma.

Everything seems to be smooth sailing for Juventus as the Italian club is well on their way of securing their 4th successive Serie A title.

MassimilianoAllegri has stated in previous occasions that he would like to continue being the coach of Juventus for as long as possible but it wasn’t until a few days ago that the Italian coach revealed details concerning what he wants to do after his time in Juventus reaches it’s end.

"Juventus are the best run club in Italy by far. It was the right decision for me because you always want to take the next step.After that you can only take over the national team, or move abroad, but for now I want to work in Turin as long as possible."MassimilianoAllegri said as he voiced his desire to coach the Italian national side.

Allegri also went on saying that he does not have any plans of coaching another Serie A club but he does have a desire on gaining managerial experience with a foreign club outside of Italy which is something that MassimilianoAllegri has never done, he has never been in charge of a club other than in Italy.

Antonio Conte is doing a fine job in charge of Italy and it doesn’t seem like the Italian Football Federation are interested in switching from coaches anytime soon, although this will depend on the performance that Italy displays in the upcoming 2016 Euro’s but Allegri has a better chance on coaching another club in another country instead of being offered with the chance to coach the Italian national side.

Allegri has displayed that he has what it takes to coach a big club but the Italian national team has seemed to grow accustomed and have been performing well under the guidance of Antonio Conte and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon.